First Snow – Yes, Already

This Thursday night it began snowing. I believe the Weather Channel had named this winter storm (emphasis on winter) Atlas. Matt, a few friends of ours, and I were drinking beers and Moscow mules at a bar situated such that the front windows look directly out onto the railroad. You have to stop talking when a train goes by, or else suffer not being heard.

Wet little flakes were spinning toward the ground as we left, but my poor sans-ABS brakes car made it home alright, mostly because everything here is within 5 minutes of everything else.

As we went to bed, I won an argument about how the word “wintry” is spelled. This is significant because I tend to debate things with Matt about which I don’t know very much (e.g. politics, traffic violations, etc.). For the record, Matt thinks it should still be spelled “wintery.”

As you may have guessed, we awoke the next morning to SNOW.

The park across from our house, blanketed in snow

The park across from our house, blanketed in snow

I’ve been trying to walk to work since it’s only five or so blocks from our house. The walk Friday morning was actually quite pleasant, despite the still-falling snow and temperatures in the high 20’s. I pulled out my wool socks, snow boots, and full-length black wool coat (thanks, Goodwill!) for the occasion.

The view down our street

The view down our street

I shoveled the sidewalk in front of my office and regretted leaving my mittens at home. On my lunch break, the walk back home was much less pleasant. The temperature dropped throughout the day as Atlas careened toward South Dakota, and the infamous Laramie wind was beginning to pick up. I pulled my scarf over my face.

Icicles forming on a neighbor's house

Icicles forming on a neighbor’s house

While leftovers were warming up in the microwave, I took Abe for a walk. I think he is obsessed with snow. Seriously! At this point there was a good six inches on the ground, so traipsing through the park was becoming a chore for me in my boots. Abe was fascinated by the scent of snow. He didn’t quite seem to understand that snow by the tree over there was going to smell the same as the snow in our front yard. He had lots of smelling to do.

Abe on our snowy walk

Abe on our snowy walk

We also invented this fun game where I made a snowball and threw it, then Abe ran to fetch it, but as the snowball hit the ground it magically DISAPPEARED. Abe then looked confused for a moment and ran back to me for another snowball.

A pine branch in the park

A pine branch in the park

Despite all the snow, which is mostly melted after today’s sunny weather, it is still very much fall here. Some of the leaves on the cottonwood trees around town are still green, and not all of the aspens have had a chance to turn yellow just yet.

Fall leaves, wintry weather

Fall leaves, wintry weather

I haven’t even bought a pumpkin for carving yet! I did, however, make two dishes last week that featured butternut squash. The local co-op grocery store is stocking its shelves with all sorts of fall squash: pumpkins, acorn squash, butternut, spaghetti, and of course all those other ones that look like lumpy, misshapen pumpkins’ cousins.

Before the snow, Abe guards the homefront via a strategically placed window

Before the snow, Abe guards the homefront via a strategically placed window

Don’t worry, we didn’t let the freezing temperatures dampen our Friday night spirits! Matt managed to get us free tickets to see Chris Thile in town. Thile is an amazing mandolinist whom I’ve had the pleasure of seeing three times now (once with the Punch Brothers at Merlefest, and again with a jazz pianist from Nonesuch Records in Durham, NC). He is a joy to see live! He played everything from Bach to this goofy and hilarious tune. He can even yodel: case in point.

I’m hoping we can visit Fort Collins before the weather gets too bad (please hold off just a little longer, winter!) and do some brewery tours. New Belgium and O’Dell’s are based there, as are many others, both in town and nearby (Coors is in Golden, CO). Maybe I can also swing a trip down to Salt Lake City to visit friends Kyle and Tallie (who also have a blog!), and new resident Sara, but actually just to stock up at Trader Joe’s. I’m also looking forward to starting my yoga teacher training courses next weekend. Look for yoga updates on my blog!

Off to make some scones and then a couple steaks. Saturday night in Wyoming, yeehaw!


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